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”Rogues in Paradise is a delightful and amusing book full of insights and intrigue. It is a skilled narrative by Trinidad-born Ian R. Clayton, who moves to the island to build the island’s Tourism Encyclopaedia. In the process, he adopts Barbados and falls in love with its people: All the rogues and ordinary/extraordinary rascals he meets along the way.    -David Montgomery, Publisher: The Story of Trinidad



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A gripping, charming, utterly unputdownable paean to Barbados, this book brims with wit, elegance, and subtle humour. - Savyasachee Jha, Readsy     

I loved how you instantly catapult us into the rhythm of Barbados with Ace, and that carries through – great imagery/scene-setting. The stories throughout are fantastic, and you have a real skill for injecting us into the heart of a scene, making us able to visualize and feel like we too are experiencing it.  And of course now I really want to visit, so well done in that respect too!

Donna Hillyer  -    Editor/Publisher         

The book’s anecdotes and histories are made compelling not only through this storytelling craftsmanship, but also through your narrative perspective; Rogues in Paradise has a playful, celebratory tone that makes the charms of its subject matter irresistable.

FriesenPress  -    Editor/Publisher         

Acerola- Two Weeks to Judgement Day

The most charming rascal steals the hearts and wallets of many he meets and gets away. Now the law has caught up with him, it's pay-up or lock-up. 

Pompasettin All Style & No Substance Leads To A Fall

He assumed his fancy attire gave him priority, but he was not expecting the tongue-lashing he got in this true story of island social etiquette. Knowing your place and getting called out, in no uncertain tone, when you don’t is a hard lesson to learn. 

The Slave who Became A Madam and Told Off a King

Daughter of a slave and herself born into slavery, she defied all odds and became a hugely successful entrepreneur. In a famous altercation with the future  king, she tells him off and demands justice.

Murder Most High

 A tale of intrigue and murder amongst the gentry. Two business partners were doing well in the days of slavery until one fell in love with the others wife. It is a stunning affair that ended very badly for all.

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These Outlandish Rogues Will Change How You See The World

True Stories of Extraordinary & Intriguing Caribbean Characters Of Barbados

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Rogues in Paradise sets a new standard for Travel Literature